Changed World of People in Covid Crisis and What Care takers need to Care for?

Covid 19 pandemic has given a huge blow to the world. This crisis has impacted a lot of people affecting their financial, mental, physical and psychological health. In the last 100 years, it’s the biggest health emergency the world has experienced. Death and illness can frighten anybody, and if one is already above 60’s, and then issue becomes a little more difficult. As the data of the Covid 19 collected by Top researchers in UK concluded that:

  • Older people are more affected by this virus that is more illness and more death.
  • Health issues like Heart disease, Diabetes, Dementia, make Covid 19 infection worse.
  • Patients which are mentally ill find difficulty in understanding social distancing recommendations and self-isolation.

Covid 19 has Effected Physical as Well as Mental Health

The covid virus has made people realize that the current times are very certain and no one can predict the image of these bleak times. This virus has made humans far from each other creating a huge amount of space between people. People are not allowed to go outside, so their physical activities, so they feel more dull. Sitting all the time at home and doing sitting work, has affected the physical health. No gyms, no gardens for work out have frustrated people. This gives rise to a number of health issues.

This highly contagious disease has forced people to stay away from other people to control the spread. Though it is very good and safe practice to believe as it can protect many lives but on the other hand it has impacted mental health of the people in a bad way. Especially the people who are already having mental issues, it has proven to be their worst nightmare.

Humans Are By Nature Social Animals

The social cutoff has made them more vulnerable to anxiety, stress and depression. For it’s been very challenging to cope up with these time by their own. The social isolation and quarantine measures have made these bleak times very difficult for the people. The social cutoff from friends, family even doctors has deepened the sense of loneliness. For most of the people, it becomes really frightening for them to experience the social cutoff. It has been found that the more social contact makes the people more effective and it is also good for their mental health.

For the safety of general people, public health measures have been taken in order to control the spread. As a result, any physical contact is not being considered. The senior citizens have been advised to avoid any type of unnecessary physical contact as they more vulnerable to get the disease.

So, here comes the Role of Care Takers at home, Lets Understand How, They can Help them in sailing through this Tough Time

To remain protected from the disease, a mask is a very important thing. It restricts the virus to the person having it, and not spreading to all other people around. Our frontline workers such as health care workers, police, the cleaning man are risking their lives just to protect everyone around. They are doing their part with utmost sincerity. We should be also responsible and play our roles by avoiding any type of gatherings. In these hard times, we should take care of our loved ones to the fullest and make them pass these times in a smooth manner.

Small Efforts can Bring Good Results

Arrange video calls with them more frequently to make them stay connected. If the weather seems good, go with them for a ride following all the covid protocols, so that their mind is relaxed by the natural beauty. A little physical activity will also provide a mental stimulation to lighten the stress in the air. Apart from this, the first priority should be to get a vaccine as soon as possible.

Though life is very uncertain, but we can always manage to make the most of life by looking at the good in everything. Try these, It will Work Definitely!