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Big Data services help companies maximize value and achieve business goals with Big Data analysis. Reliant Vision, as a leading Big Data company, features a full range of Big Data services including consultation, implementation, support and Big Data as a service to help clients benefit from the Big Data environment.

Our Services

Are you planning to implement a Big Data solution or completely revamp an existing one? We design cloud, on-premises, and hybrid solutions that convert your Big Data into actionable insights. With us, you get:

An implementation strategy and a plan

Recommendations on how to manage the quality of data

A list of possible challenges related to Big Data implementation and the ways to solve them4

A detailed roadmap for 3, 5 or 7 years that defines the steps you should take to get strategic, tactical, and quick wins through big data-powered operational, customer, business process and fraud detection analytics.

Complete Data Security.

Big Data improvement consulting

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your existing Big Data solution, we can create an individual improvement roadmap. It will let you know how to identify & eliminate existing problems. The new concept design is intended to maximize your analytics potential. For example, we can recommend incorporating data science to enable advanced analytics or added reports that give extra insights.

Big Data solutions Implementation

As one of the top Big Data companies in New Jersey, we deliver Big Data solutions which usually comprise the following architecture components: a Data lake, a Data warehouse, ETL processes, OLAP cubes, Reports and Dashboards. We set up data quality management and data security practices. We train and apply data science models with machine and deep learning algorithms, to let businesses leverage the high accuracy of predictions.

Big Data support

We provide the administration of your Big Data solution that includes such activities as updating software, adding new users & handling permissions, as well as data administration that includes but is not limited to data cleaning, backup and recovery.

Big Data managed analytics services

Looking for a reliable service provider to outsource your Big Data analytics? We set up transparent collaboration based on KPIs, taking the responsibility for the value of analytics insights that you get. We create and support the infrastructure for your Big Data solution, get your data extracted and cleaned while your machine learning models (if any) are trained and fine-tuned.

Why Choose Us?

Expert & Experienced Data Engineers

Build custom algorithms

Cutting-edge Technologies to harness Big Data

Simplify Big Data Warehousing & Analytics

Solve Complex data problems

Optimize Costs and Enhance Data Security

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