Global Delivery Model

Best-fit Global Delivery model tailored to your business needs.

Global Delivery Model

Our Global Delivery Model is the optimal combination of procedures, end-to-end strategies and quality processes incorporating high-quality technical skills and resources that are readily available, 24 * 7 in the required volume on global basis. This model or approach is effective in enabling organizations to maximize the quality of their solutions while reducing the overall cost and delivery time of their products or services. Moreover, this model is utilized to deliver the customized project referring to client’s requirement. It promises top-quality development, onsite delivery and faster project cycles – at a refreshingly affordable rate. O3 model onsite offsite and off shore model that is delivery model.

Note IT specific but applicable to multiple sectors.


Global Delivery Model has risen as a significant path within the IT industry by inventing global outsourcing. These days, Global Outsourcing is accepting at higher rate by most of the organization with an intention to reduce investment, which in turn generates more revenue for the organization. While on other side, operational team will work together to enhance the performance as well as to deliver quality work. Undoubtedly, this model proves successful in attaining all of the preferred goals and also delivers benefits of lowered risk and higher productivity.

Types of Global Delivery Models

Onsite Delivery Model

From the initial consultation till the completion of project our experts or consultants will visit the client site and work there only within this model. Consultants will have direct interaction with the client to understand their existing IT set up in terms of applications they use, systems in place and also understand clients’ requirements properly and address them effectively. As there is no communication gap, it will result into better project management and faster delivery.

Offshore Delivery Model

Under this model, all of activities associated with project will get complete at one or more offshore sites with the assistance of outsourcing team. It is recommended that project managers or delivery managers should be assigned both at the client and offshore site in context to have efficient project management.

Offsite/Nearshore Delivery Model

Within this model, a consultant will work remotely but lives in same city or country where client resides. There is a possibility of more than one onshore work site. It is also quite possible that some workers will work at the client site while other performs tasks from remote area available within same country. This model is considered as combination of onsite and offsite.

Hybrid Delivery Model

This model incorporates features of onsite, offsite and onshore models. Hybrid model offers cost-effectiveness of the offshore model and also face-to-face contact that is very much essential to prevent communication gap as well as for project success. Ultimately, the best solution is integrated Onsite-Nearshore model, as it is as expert as onsite model, still delivers cost-efficiency of offshore development.

Benefits Of Global Delivery Model

Reduced investment cost

24×7 resource availability

High Quality resources

Extremely and flexible resources

Mix and match offonsite and offshore resources

Increased transparency and visibility with no communication gap

Reliant Vision offers the O3 model in global delivery. Expertise and resources in the onsite and offshore teams are fully utilized if both teams are located in countries with different time zones. This means the smooth transition of tasks can be achieved online so that any unfinished work in the onsite team can be turned over to the offshore team and vice-versa. The onsite and offshore model is also beneficial for projects that are complicated and will run on a long-term basis, and for products and services that are high-tech and sophisticated. The client is also freed from the responsibility of handling a dedicated project team since the onsite team is administratively managed by the offshore services provider.