Custom Application Development

Reliant Vision’s frontline software solutions enable enterprises in unlocking innovation to pursue ideas that have real business value. Our broad range of custom application development services allows businesses to harness the power of custom software to support emerging capabilities, thereby improving their customer and partner experiences.

Our services are backed by profound industry experience to serve both new and legacy platforms. From desktop applications & Web Applications to mobile applications, our expert team of custom software developers understands your application requirements thoroughly, prepares its architecture, develops, tests and finally implements it.

Reliant Vision is the best custom application development Company in New Jersey, and is delivering high-grade custom software to a wide range of clients across industry verticals from Fortune 500 companies to enterprises of all sizes. With our vast knowledge and global market expertise, we understand that every enterprise has to provide its clients with tailor-made applications and solutions.

Why does Custom Software Development works best with Reliant Vision?

Our dynamic team of professionals has built and developed innovative applications primarily on the Internet Of Things and analytics based scalable and futuristic applications in an accelerated time frame. We have successfully unlocked opportunities for businesses and boosted their return on investment.

For instance, for the healthcare industry, our team was involved in the customizing of medical journal applications using technologies such as iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch, Xcode 3.2.5 that resulted in addressing business objectives, reducing total cost of ownership, ensuring better patient care, improved physician performance and an increased return on IT investments.

This is among one of the many custom application development projects where our team of custom application developers through their domain knowledge have developed scalable and flexible architecture incorporating business logic, presenting next generation applications generating greater efficiency through the high level of automation.

Our Custom Application Development Services Help our Clients in

Exploring our proven quality processes and frameworks to deliver efficient and high quality solutions

Accelerating innovation, achieving flexibility & scalability, increasing productivity, reducing costs and optimizing asset utilization.

Ensuring that we meet the specific requirements of their businesses and address the most critical parameters of time & budget and in providing defect free applications.

Empower your businesses by choosing our Custom Application Development Services & Solutions
Mobile Application Development

With proven capabilities, our mobile application development brings in easy accessibility, maintenance, and scalability. We help businesses to generate higher profitability to drive business value, by developing Android, iOS & Windows based applications with extended functionalities and optimum mobile experiences.

Cloud Application Development

Our best in class specialists are capable of delivering cloud projects of any complexity. Whether you need to integrate cloud technologies or build high traffic live streaming with a SaaS system, our seasoned developers work hand-in-hand with you and your technical team to ensure that everything is planned and implemented to meet your specific requirements.

Enterprise Application Integration

We help you in facilitating the seamless integration of your legacy applications with the existing environment and systems. Our secured integrated services keep your business processes updated and develop a user-friendly and responsive application interactivity. Our best-in-class solutions help seamless integration of your enterprise applications, infrastructure, data and systems to make them work in harmony.

Application Maintenance & Support

Our application development team focuses on improving application performance through innovative technologies. It also involves optimizing application processes and maintaining them to remain high performing and efficient. Our wide range of application maintenance and support services extends across the enterprise application lifecycle from package evaluation and implementation to upgradation and migration. Our experts endorse innovative methods and techniques for the maintenance of applications and as such, our best in class processes are aligned to CMMI, ITIL, COBIT Framework and Principles.

If you are interested in knowing how your organization can benefit from Reliantvision’s custom development services & solutions – You can contact us to schedule a consultation.