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Delivery Management System in New jersy

Delivery Management System
Reliant Vision’s Delivery Management Services in New Jersy help organizations to execute all types of delivery operations with ease and perfection. Our team works to ensure that the delivery turnaround time is reduced and productivity and profitability, boosted. We have our exclusive delivery management software in place to ensure customer loyalty.
How We Do This?
At Reliant Vision, we have a delivery management system application in place that promises the Route Optimization feature where the Route Optimization engines pick up the most optimized routes enabling you to make multiple deliveries efficiently. Simultaneously, customers are kept updated throughout the order delivery process with real-time SMS alerts. Other features include a robust dashboard, Agent GPS tracking & task status and an Agent performance engagement system. With the application in place, our delivery management services promise you with the following benefits:
Intelligent Carrier Integrations
Make the most of our carrier performance management portal to intelligently select logistics partners based on the primary KPIs.

Delightful Customer Experience

Reduce delivery anxiety by driving post purchase communications, ensure delivery transparency and minimize the necessity for support calls.

Loop Optimization 

Stay away from the limits of conventional routing with non-linear and continuous re-optimization loops with the help of our proprietary loop optimization technology.

Roster Management

Plan your work-force in advance, ensure one-click excel upload, notify crowd-sourced drivers about work availability and help them plan working duration.

Delivery Crowd Sourcing
Onboard temporary or part-time delivery executives and dynamically manage them to deliver on elastic business demands. Hundreds of businesses across are leveraging Reliant Vision’s delivery management services. For smooth business operations and a lot more, get in touch with us today!