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Careers Fetch

AI-Powered Careers Platform

The traditional method of recruitment has been revolutionized by the EIPCS Career online job portals and we have turned out to be a primary source for both job seekers and the employers. It is a very convenient and the fastest platform where employers’ post their job requirements and job seekers can directly apply for their desired jobs.

Reach More

Posting job requirements across the portals or social media sites can help recruiters to reach a wide audience and boost the recruitment process. Our comprehensive recruiting platform accelerates the process and enhances the procedures with a seamless integration of other HR systems.

Finding The Best.

Filtering a bunch of unfit resumes can be a tedious and daunting process. But with the EIPCS career portal, the posting and tracking of the applications will become much easier than before. You can also form a questionnaire to analyze the candidate’s right capability for the position offered.

The database here helps recruiters to filter and download the right candidates based on the job posting and description. Hence the entire process will be simplified and less time taking.

24X7 Access

Stay connected with the process 24X7 as you can access the data all the time using your internet connectivity, you can access from anywhere at any time as the service is never bound and very flexible.

Pick The Candidates With Ease

Once you have posted the job online, all you have to do is sit back and relax and check through filters that make your job easier. You also needn’t worry to go through every application, as you can search on a keyword basis for better efficiency.

Additional Features

Account Management
Create company profile, contact information
Job Posting
Activate or deactivate jobs
Refresh jobs the preview job posting
Search resumes by location, qualification, category, Company, location, experience, keywords and other parameters
View list of job seekers who have been called for interviews
Send interview request
Search / Save Resume
Contact Candidates