Time Management


Managing employee time and attendance can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. Reliant eliminates the frustrations of a manual process and automates your entire system.


Increased Accuracy

Manual timekeeping requires employees to report their hours worked per pay period after each work day. Unfortunately, this can lead to inaccurate time tracking. Manual processes can lead to many additional issues, such as the inability to read handwriting or even fraud. Using automated software can reduce the number of inaccuracies and opportunities for time theft. With Reliant, employees can easily track their time online, through a mobile device or even from an electronic or biometric time clock. The data collected is transferred in real-time.

Increased Productivity

When it’s time to process payroll at the end of a pay period, a manual process requires you to collect time cards and re-enter the data into your payroll solution. The time necessary to do this for an entire organization can be extremely tedious. If the responsibilities are on one person, this can take several hours to do. Using Reliant software drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to process your payroll. You can go from spending hours processing payroll to a matter of minutes when you make the switch.

Automating time collection through Reliant software ensures that everything is in one place. This allows for your data to be automatically sent to your payroll solution for processing and eliminates the need for data to be re-entered manually. The result is accurate processing that can take Few minutes per pay period. Reducing the time, it takes to run payroll, while increasing the accuracy of your data, can lead to an increase in productivity.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Reliant software makes employees happier because the software guarantees timely and accurate pay. The software eliminates human error when manually entering time sheets

Easy Management of Flexible Working Arrangements

In today’s business environment, it’s not uncommon to have employees working at the office, at home or at another remote location. Reliant software allows businesses to easily track time using a variety of clocking options. This makes it easy and convenient for all employees to track time, regardless of whether they’re in the office or not.


You need to be able to make the most out of your operating budget without sacrificing the quality. There are many ways to help trim your budget – including the use of time management software. By tracking time and attendance, you can boost productivity, streamline your daily operations, improve employee morale, and enjoy numerous other benefits. Our system would help you to simplify the way you run your University and keep track of your employees. Though, there is so much more.

  1. Accurate time tracking – with Location Services

  2. Prevent payroll error

  3. Increase productivity

  4. Scalable software for growing businesses

  5. Receive real time reporting

  6. Enforce your attendance policy

  7. Improve staff morale

  8. Save Cost

  9. Real Time Analytics

Business Advantages of Using Reliant Employee Time Keeping System

Customer Service

Customer Support Structure, including levels of customer support

Support & Training

Updates and Upgrades are defined into 2 categories


these would include only Bug Fixes – Does not require training as it is taken care by Reliant on the application level


There are 2 Kinds of Upgrades Reliant works on a continuous basis

Market Requirements

To constantly have the Application with the Latest Features and Function to be built into the system – we would release a document Defining the Feature and the Function with its benefits to our clients. To Enable a better understating to our client we do Webinars when these Features are incorporated into the system

Customer Specific Requirement/Enhancements (PAID) from End User

This is specific to the End User and does not affect the Application Base. If any Enhancements which are specific to the End User is implemented a training is provided during the implementation of these changes

Training options & Variations

  1. Training is divided based on Roles

  2. Administrative – This would also include the Departmental Heads -2 Days

  3. End Users – All Users of the Application – 1 Day

Online help

The collection of help topics on provides online information about the Reliant Software functionality. You can access the online help by selecting the Help icon from any of the screens which would detail