IOT Services

With the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses can better understand customer preferences and behavior, which are also the keys to the success of any organization. With IoT, you can collect, monitor, and analyze essential data with heightened efficiency. Let Reliant Vision guide you in the process.

Transform Your Business With End-To-End IoT Solutions From Reliant Vision

Businesses can capitalize on Reliant Vision’s IoT services to improve operational efficiencies, enhance user experiences and create a digital business by seamlessly connecting people, process and information.

Reliant Vision delivers enterprise and consumer Internet of Things applications to support smart initiatives for diverse industries ranging from security & home automation to industrial IoT that can transform business operations and change lives.

We, as a leading agency,in New Jersey build smart connected products that harness the power of machine learning and advanced analytics to help you become more efficient; providing integrated services to deliver and manage IoT services.

Our Service Areas

Hardware/Firmware Enhancements

Making hardware / firmware changes to the products & ensuring latest firmware OS & communication tech (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.)

Cloud Integration

IoT integration services, building cloud connectivity to register devices, capture data, control device settings, etc.

New/Enhanced Products

Create new / enhanced product experiences (voice, screens, personalization, automation, etc.)

Syncing Multiple Devices

Connect to other smart devices & deliver novel product experiences.

Assessment & Strategy

We evaluate and help you formulate a robust strategy that’s the perfect market fit, poised for success.

IoT Security

Securing your solutions against data theft is at the core of our development strategy. We follow the Industry’s best practices and release regular OTA updates.

Designs to Enhance CXy

With us, a leading IoT company in New Jersey, you are assured of a beautiful yet seamless design that makes customer journey a breeze.

All the Analytics You Need

Our in-house, sophisticated analytics tools ensure you stay on top of data analysis and gain actionable insights to proactively address customer feedback and achieve greater personalization.

Leverage our IoT Services to build custom IoT Solutions for your Connected Products and Smart Services on industry-leading IoT Cloud Platforms like AWS and Azure. Our established expertise and reference architectures in AWS IoT and Azure IoT Hub enable rapid proof-of-concept pilots and robust, scalable implementation. We can also enhance your IoT Solutions with the enterprise integration, Big Data analytics and machine learning capabilities offered by Amazon and Microsoft.

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