Experience analytics like never before with data science

Data science offers a new perspective to look at the business prospects from a whole new angle. Withtools and products powered with Artificial Intelligence, implemented with the right goal in mind, you can take your business to next level.

Our Expertise

Businesses make decisions based on research and data. But it is difficult for a human mind to make sense of random and humongous data and draw a conclusion. We can help you turn this data into patterns and metrics in cold and complex numbers, choose the nearest assumptions, and make an optimum decision. We design custom data analytics tools that can predict and prescribe business solutions by letting you decide how to choose to use the data.

RVG's solutions leverage technologies that even non-technical users can use effectively. We develop user-friendly models that help decision models and notation standards that even a non-technical person can use. The huge data is sorted and sifted for all the stakeholders to make an informed decision, and the process is automated.

Predictive modeling systems

Predict and forecast likely future outcomes across the business cycles using machine learning to find correlations to identify patterns within the data. Our data scientists design models that work across various production cycles, management, marketing, and operations, with seamless integration.Predicting patterns eventually reduces time, effort, and costs in forecasting business outcomes.

Artificial intelligence supported data science

Data processing with artificial intelligence can deliver predictive analytics, which otherwise is impossible with conventional tools. Machine learning algorithms integrated with groundbreaking AI frameworks to predict unpredictable scenarios and prevent unwanted situations, such as equipment failure, uncontrollable risk factors in marketing, etc. We develop AI-enhanced tools that can prepare insights and directly deliver them to decision-makers.

Right stack and exceptional talent pool

When your business is pivoted around data and analytics, choosing the right tools to obtain objective-relevant insights is essential. The wide-ranging tech stack our data scientists adopt helps your business extract and refine the data instantly to provide you with the analytics you need. Experienced data scientistsare detail-oriented and have expert knowledge in programming languages like Python, R, Java, Scala, C/C++, SQL, Hadoop, SAS, and many more.

Our Hallmark Services

Predictive analysis

Anomaly detection

Pattern recognition

Classification and categorization

Sentiment and behavior analysis

Conversational systems

Autonomous systems

Our workflow


We get down to business the minute we get what exactly you need. The problem statement is the first step we take very seriously until the end. We practice asking very specific questions to the point of not missing even the minutest detail.

Data acquisition

Data collection is a sticky area where we cannot predict which speck of data might come in handy. On the other hand, collecting everything and anything for a project might prove counter-productive. Our data scientists workbackward to take every stakeholder and the KPIs into consideration to extract the correct data in the proper format and the right frequency.

Data preparation

Data cleansing is the most crucial part of a data science project. It entails dealing with inconsistencies, identifying problematic errors that clearly demand a data development plan in advance, and revising it regularly in case of big data. It is the most grueling phase, which needs manpower and time to derive clean data. We use advanced AI tools which are affordable and effective to meet your requirement in the expected time.

Data modeling

Understanding the business is crucial to arrive at a model that clients understand find worth considering for business development. Arriving at such insights needs a deep understanding of business. Our data scientists leave no stone unturned to get to the nitty-gritty of your business, and the entities required.

Model Deployment

Model Deployment needs as much thought process as for model development. Deployment requires the application of a model for prediction using new data. You need to understand how the end-user will interact with the model's prediction. At RVG, we ensure that we keep the deployment pipeline flexible and organic so that our clients can test it repeatedly.

Industries we serve


Data science and AI are few among the latest technologies which can prove revolutionary in medical science. Helping reduce errors in diagnosis, treatment, and preventive medicine is one of the defining technologies in the medical field.


E-commerce is one field that generates data more than any other sector. It would be only unwise for E-commerce portals not to leverage the humongous data present on the web. From buyer behavior, inventory management to forecasts on value prediction of a buyer, there is no area in which data science cannot help the E-commerce industry.

Finance and banking

When objectivity is the goal, data-driven decisions only can help you achieve one. The finance and banking industry realizes this fact quickly and adapts to it in customer data management, fraud detection, credit and investment risk modeling, and customer segmentation.


Precise methods and platforms available in data science help predict demands and curate course content accordingly. We design models to assess teacher and student performance based on critical parameters to arrive at the closest evaluation.
With that being said, the good news is that Reliant Vision has the required tech expertise in understanding the business processes of clients from across industry verticals and we come up with the right solution for them.