Why data-migration is a challenging task in the finance sector?

Data migration simply put, is transferring the data from one server to another. It can be an on-premise server or a cloud server. However, it is difficult for implementation, as said, particularly for the finance sector. The finance sector holds large amounts of sensitive financial information and, because of this, it is the most scrutinized […]

Fixing the mess of unsorted cash in Insurance industry through Digital Transformation

The problem of unsorted has been there for a while in the insurance industry. The ample of collections received by the service provider at the time of contract termination is quite unnoticed as a particular receivable and remains pending investigation. This become quite a major issue for the insurance companies and dampens the relationship between […]

Cloud Computing for Healthcare

Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Healthcare

Cloud computing is definitely not a fresh out of the box new term for the medical services industry. In the course of the most recent couple of years, the reception of Cloud innovation has been expanding at a frantic speed. As ongoing exploration has shown, the worldwide market for Cloud innovations in the medical care […]

Machine Learning in Game Development

Pioneering AI and Machine Learning in Game Design: Engineering Rapid Growth

Last decade can be seen as a landmark of growth and development in the field of technology and IT. The rapid advancement in the technology has revolutionized the way of operations across the different sectors of society. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are two such developments across the technological sphere which has proven to be […]

The Role of IoT in Restructuring the Workplace

The Internet of Things (IoT) has ushered in a new era of business automation across the globe. Its ability to connect remote devices and people has facilitated businesses to expand their horizons and spread their reach across geographical boundaries. The advent of IoT has also helped them overcome connectivity and productivity challenges in the era of digital transformation. In […]

The Significance of Data Analytics in Modern Banking

Across businesses, information has become an amazingly significant asset. This is particularly evident in the monetary administrations area, where large information has opened up new freedoms, conveying advantages to clients and representatives the same. Seeing how banking and enormous information work by and by requires experience with the advances used to gather, clean and dissect […]

Robot Process Automation in Human Resource Management

For organizations to be successful human resources management, plays a key role and each company is obliged to increase its employees by aligning its human resources strategies with the most recent trends. Human Resource (HR) departments of organizations have been gradually altering over the years as technology has advanced. Today’s businesses are undergoing a big […]

Robotics – How it is driving the financial services industry

Robotics process automation is also known as RPA is now considered as an essential technology in providing the best possible user experiences to its customers. With the financial sector dealing with voluminous transactions and complex regulatory mechanisms enterprises are forced to revamp operations and rethink control strategies. RPA comes in handy by offering the capabilities […]