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Best IOT services

The Internet of Things (IoT): what is it? The Internet of Things (IoT) links devices, sharing data with the cloud. These devices, equipped with sensors and software, range from machines to consumer products. Businesses embrace IoT to enhance efficiency, customer service, decision-making, and overall value. IoT facilitates data transfer without human intervention. For instance, individuals […]

IOT is the future of smart learning

The education sector these days is rapidly adapting IoT devices and services to make learning more interactive, collaborative and also quite accessible by using the latest technology. The world is now undergoing the fourth industrial revolution. The advent of technology is shaping the working of various sectors across the globe. To keep up with this […]

The Role of IoT in Restructuring the Workplace

The Internet of Things (IoT) has ushered in a new era of business automation across the globe. Its ability to connect remote devices and people has facilitated businesses to expand their horizons and spread their reach across geographical boundaries. The advent of IoT has also helped them overcome connectivity and productivity challenges in the era of digital transformation. In […]

Influence of Big Data and Internet of Things

Big Data – How organizations are leveraging it- Our lives are being transformed by the realization of the need for an interconnected system that makes use of the available data to simplify things. Data-driven business models have risen because of the fourth industrial revolution. Using new technology such as big data and IoT, organizations are […]

IoT in Healthcare – Benefits & Challenges

The healthcare sector is undergoing technological advancements particularly in the field of app development solutions and services. For instance, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things or IoT are making in-roads in the healthcare industry in big way. The IoT is being executed and implemented the most in the healthcare […]

Building Enterprise wide IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things or IoT has taken the world by storm with billions of devices connected to the internet collecting, storing and sharing data. The real world examples of IoT on the move include self-driving cars, cashless supermarkets, and equipment monitoring. During the past two decades, companies of every size and shape are adding […]