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The Benefits of DevOps in a Financial Institution.

In today’s digital world, companies can no longer afford to fall behind the competition if they don’t provide customers with value quickly and consistently. Companies nowadays are becoming more adaptable in order to create superior connections with their customers. Financial institutions and banks are no exception. Due to the huge amount of transactions and the […]

The implementation of the DevOps methodology expedites the software development process.

Delivering high-quality software and apps more quickly and with more agility is a need in today’s tech-savvy environment. DevOps is only one example of a cutting-edge methodology that may help firms become more effective and productive. The implementation of DevOps methodologies in software development facilitates the creation of high-performing applications through an expedited process and […]

The Integration of Cloud and DevOps for Optimizing Costs

Role of cloud & DevOps – An Overview The cloud is changing the game for software delivery and operations by removing lot of the barriers and friction. As apps are moved to the cloud, it is a great time to update the hosting platform so that enterprises can take advantage of the latest cloud services. […]

Time to Embrace DevOps for Digital Transformation

Organizations are now embracing DevOps to improve developer velocity and to enable their digital transformation. IT departments are into DevOps transformation to meet the evolving needs of their organizations as well as for their customers in a rapidly moving digital economy. Some organizations are still stuck up with legacy applications and processes due to which […]

4 DevOps Trends For 2020 And Beyond

Ever since the term, “DevOps” that Patric Debois coined a decade ago formed by combining the “development” and “operations” it is continuing to accelerate in both large enterprises and web-native organizations with this market having generated US$3.832 billions in 2019. The entire market is expected to reach US$8 billion in the next five years. The […]