Machine Learning in Game Development

Pioneering AI and Machine Learning in Game Design: Engineering Rapid Growth

Last decade can be seen as a landmark of growth and development in the field of technology and IT. The rapid advancement in the technology has revolutionized the way of operations across the different sectors of society. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are two such developments across the technological sphere which has proven to be […]

The Importance of AI in Workforce Management

Workplaces and workforces alike have become more digital, dispersed, and remote as firms seek to comply with public health edicts and customer needs. Work-life and home life further entwine. The need for leaders to step up has seldom been greater. In this unprecedented economic environment, leaders who care about their people, talented and typical alike, […]

Understanding the role of Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Concept and Application in Human Resources Artificial Intelligence is primarily a Technology aimed at enabling us in the resolution of cognitive problems and allowing systems (machines) to “think like humans.” High-speed computing using complex computer algorithms in the handling and processing of large data volumes are one of its main components. Although […]

Fusing the Power of Smart Computing with Artificial Intelligence for Business Efficiency

Cognitive technologies such as smart computing and Artificial Intelligence or AI are increasingly being used to solve business issues. Indeed, many CEOs believe that AI will substantially transform their companies within a short period. The IoT is getting more smart and brilliant. Organizations and Enterprises are fusing Artificial Intelligence especially Machine Learning (ML) into their […]

The Reinvention of Human Resources through Artificial Intelligence

The importance or scope of Artificial Intelligence or AI is growing day after day. Artificial intelligence is expanding its way across all industries or sectors including human resources. The role of artificial intelligence in HR can be more far reaching than expected and it is indeed helping companies in increasing efficiency, accuracy, revenue generation and […]

The Importance of Time Tracking for Professional Business Services

Time is money is an often-repeated quotation across businesses and this holds to professional business services as well. Professional business services require a specific business model that relies on accurate billing of the work done for each client to generate profitability. For this reason, real time tracking of employee time on per client basis is […]

Boosting Delivery Management through Artificial Intelligence in 10 ways

Technological advancements and disruptions are already driving the top-of-the- line logistic companies. In this age of digital revolution, technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning play a key role. Artificial Intelligence or AI has immense potential to transform businesses as it eliminates the problems and makes the supply chain process seamless. With cognitive automation, artificial […]

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Work Force Capital Management System – WCMS

Artificial Intelligence is changing our lives like never before. Humans are developing the technology in much faster way with organizations tapping the power of Artificial Intelligence and IoT to function more efficiently. In the field of human resources, work force capital management is undergoing a profound shift. Like the industrial revolution that transformed the manufacturing, […]

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Artificial Intelligence or AI is defined as the use of automated algorithms to perform tasks that traditionally rely on human intelligence. Using AI in pharmaceutical industry over the last several years has resulted in new breakthroughs. Artificial Intelligence in the pharma and biotech industry has redefined how scientists are developing new drugs, tackling diseases and […]