Primacy Of Dedicated Delivery Management Software Over The Distribution Logistics Software

Primacy Of Dedicated Delivery Management Software Over The Distribution Logistics Software In recent times, technology has become the epicenter around which everything and everyone revolves. No one can argue on the fact that, data is the new oxygen of these modern times. All the people around the world have adopted this new technological world whole […]

How Cloud HR software has Improved the Workplace in 10 ways

Human resources is all about managing and handling core HR processes such as performance management, offline or an internal platform. Digital technology, artificial intelligence, Cloud-Based Computing Applications, and other facets of the digitalized environment have fully changed almost every aspect of how organizations, including human resource departments, are being run today. Overview of Cloud HR […]

Influence of Big Data and Internet of Things

Big Data – How organizations are leveraging it- Our lives are being transformed by the realization of the need for an interconnected system that makes use of the available data to simplify things. Data-driven business models have risen because of the fourth industrial revolution. Using new technology such as big data and IoT, organizations are […]

Understanding the role of Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Concept and Application in Human Resources Artificial Intelligence is primarily a Technology aimed at enabling us in the resolution of cognitive problems and allowing systems (machines) to “think like humans.” High-speed computing using complex computer algorithms in the handling and processing of large data volumes are one of its main components. Although […]

The Integration of Cloud and DevOps for Optimizing Costs

Role of cloud & DevOps – An Overview The cloud is changing the game for software delivery and operations by removing lot of the barriers and friction. As apps are moved to the cloud, it is a great time to update the hosting platform so that enterprises can take advantage of the latest cloud services. […]

Smart Recruiting in the era of Digital Transformation for Productivity

Digital Transformation is the adoption of Right Technology to transform services or businesses by replacing non-digital or manual processes with digital ones or replacing older digital technology with newer ones. In other words, Digital Transformation is about completely reinventing business processes and customer experiences by adopting new digital capabilities/technologies. Digital Transformation also involves disrupting by […]

Fusing the Power of Smart Computing with Artificial Intelligence for Business Efficiency

Cognitive technologies such as smart computing and Artificial Intelligence or AI are increasingly being used to solve business issues. Indeed, many CEOs believe that AI will substantially transform their companies within a short period. The IoT is getting more smart and brilliant. Organizations and Enterprises are fusing Artificial Intelligence especially Machine Learning (ML) into their […]