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The Issues Of Transparency In This Digital Era

The digital era has thrown in many challenges for companies seeking transparency across the board in the form of leaks, breaches of sensitive data about their employees, customers and clients. Besides, there is also evidence of racial and gender disparities wondering if there is a need for greater transparency needed across the board. The status […]

4 DevOps Trends For 2020 And Beyond

Ever since the term, “DevOps” that Patric Debois coined a decade ago formed by combining the “development” and “operations” it is continuing to accelerate in both large enterprises and web-native organizations with this market having generated US$3.832 billions in 2019. The entire market is expected to reach US$8 billion in the next five years. The […]

New Applications Ideas To Seek For During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic not only changed the day-to-day lives of people but also brought about significant changes in the way of doing business. The disruption in international supply chains has brought about unprecedented consumer behavior patterns resulting in companies looking for new avenues to run their businesses to stay afloat. Technology in the form of […]

Global Pandemic Stimulates Cloud-Computing Growth

In the last few months, the global pandemic of COVID-19 has had an immense effect on various sectors, one of the most heavily impacted companies being the post-production sector. The absolute lockout on all the theatres and production industry around the world and working places, the cooperation of filmmakers in post-production work has become extremely […]

How can AWS, Azure and GCP increase cloud market share

Cloud computing has been the talk of the IT market over several years now. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated its usage, enabling remote work. In the midst of the rest of the world adapting to cloud computing, three vendors have emerged as the market leaders. As on today, — Google, Microsoft Azure and Amazon — control […]

Five Reasons For Failure Of Digital Transformation

The fallout of COVID-19 has resulted in a dynamic shift regarding where we work resulting in companies examining the productivity and viability of an agile remote workforce. Companies are rethinking about investing in office space and commercial real estate. COVID-19 is spurring the innovation when it comes to how we work with funding coming in […]