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Successful Roadmap for a profitable Digital transformation

The need for digital transformation is getting more significant with each passing day. There are several complexities behind it. A successful digital transformation is a critical task. This is because it can potentially reshape an industry or a business drastically. You can also gain a lot of competitive advantages.  Roadmap to digitalization These are the […]

Fixing the mess of unsorted cash in Insurance industry through Digital Transformation

The problem of unsorted has been there for a while in the insurance industry. The ample of collections received by the service provider at the time of contract termination is quite unnoticed as a particular receivable and remains pending investigation. This become quite a major issue for the insurance companies and dampens the relationship between […]

Smart Recruiting in the era of Digital Transformation for Productivity

Digital Transformation is the adoption of Right Technology to transform services or businesses by replacing non-digital or manual processes with digital ones or replacing older digital technology with newer ones. In other words, Digital Transformation is about completely reinventing business processes and customer experiences by adopting new digital capabilities/technologies. Digital Transformation also involves disrupting by […]

The Next Digital Transformation in Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is always ahead in the adoption of digital and technological advancements. Digital Transformation in this case is more about the positive impact of technology in healthcare. Telemedicine, artificial intelligence (AI) enabled medical devices and block chain electronic health records are just some of the examples of transformation in the healthcare sector. Digital […]

The Role of Digital Transformation in Employee Timesheet Management System

Employee Timesheet Management is a smart way to track employee time and project-related tasks. Human Resource experts believe that the concept of timesheet¬†works best in a culture¬†where success is measured by results, and not by number of hours people spend sitting in their work desks. Effectively Using Employee Timesheet Management System- With technology advancing faster […]

The Future of IT Automation in the Education Sector

The education sector over the years has been traditional in approach in adopting digital solutions through IT Automation development. However, over the last decade there has been a shift in this sector over adopting digital technology by educational institutions such as schools both at primary and secondary levels. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated […]

Top 3 Digital Transformational Trends in 2021

The recent Incidents have even though resulted in the loss of human lives it has brought in an advantage in the form of acceleration of digital transformation globally across industries. Industry experts opine that the last six months of 2020 have resulted in much progress in digital transformation leading to a Technological shift towards digitization. […]

Five Reasons For Failure Of Digital Transformation

The fallout of COVID-19 has resulted in a dynamic shift regarding where we work resulting in companies examining the productivity and viability of an agile remote workforce. Companies are rethinking about investing in office space and commercial real estate. COVID-19 is spurring the innovation when it comes to how we work with funding coming in […]