The Role of Digital Transformation in Employee Timesheet Management System

Employee Timesheet Management is a smart way to track employee time and project-related tasks. Human Resource experts believe that the concept of timesheet works best in a culture where success is measured by results, and not by number of hours people spend sitting in their work desks.

Effectively Using Employee Timesheet Management System-

With technology advancing faster than ever, and time becoming the most important resource for a business, time tracking is vital to success. Tracking employee attendance is vital to build a culture of accountability.

However many organizations face problems in tracking their employees attendance properly and that is where the employee time sheet management system plays a crucial role in preventing the time sheet loopholes and many issues surrounding the employee attendance thereby increasing the business productivity.

In simple terms an employee timesheet management system is an automated timesheet tracker that sends the timesheet requests to managers as soon as an employee submits the employee timesheet form for approval.

An employee timesheet management system keeps tracks of the number of hours worked, additional overtime and funnel timesheet requests to Managers, HR, and Payroll.

Now employee timesheet management is not that hectic as it used to be earlier. HR professionals are not required to hop amidst spreadsheets anymore. The emergence of Digital Transformation has resulted in a revolution of sorts in the field of employee timesheet management system.

Digital Transformation in Employee Time Sheet Management System

Digital Transformation is defined as an implementation of digital technologies into all areas of business in order to build more sustainable relationships and better understand the needs of customers.

As of now, Digital Transformation continues to show its effects in all areas independent of the sector and the size of the business.

Digital Transformation in the human resources is the control and management of works carried out by human resource department in a Digital environment. For companies who want to stay competitive, digital integration is vital to long-term prosperity.

Across the different channels, processes and tools that employees use, the Digital experience should not only drive productivity, but should also make people’s lives easier by supporting every aspect of their working day and as such Digital Transformation is about reimagining how you bring together people, data, and processes.

Businesses also need to get accurate assessments in real-time, helping them build a professional and disciplined HR system.

In real sense, cutting edge technologies forming part of Digital Transformation including face identification, geo-fencing, chatbots, and intelligent time clocks turn time tracking into an effortless conversation between workers and the technology they use every day is enabling companies in ensuring the deployment of an effective employee timesheet management system.

Digital Transformation is making it happen for an organisation where its employee timesheet management system is intelligent enough to do the following activities such as

  • Harvest time based on employee activity or GPS mobile location,
  • Seamlessly route time reports through the proper approvals
  • Apply all relevant pay rules, instantly flag any exceptions for supervisors to review, and
  • Access all gross pay data across every location – available at any instant

Enterprises are also looking at the bigger technological picture by integrating innovative automation and collaboration technologies into their employee timesheet management system or ETMS

As of now, large enterprises have implemented cloud human capital management (HCM) technology in the hope of transforming the HR experience through an effective ETMS.

According to a report by Deloitte, Digital Transformation budgets are going to increase by 28 % by the year 2021. Finally, it can be said that Digital Transformation in the field of ETMS is a unique interplay between technology, people and process.