Successful Roadmap for a profitable Digital transformation

The need for digital transformation is getting more significant with each passing day. There are several complexities behind it. A successful digital transformation is a critical task. This is because it can potentially reshape an industry or a business drastically. You can also gain a lot of competitive advantages. 

Roadmap to digitalization

These are the steps that need to be followed:

The first and most crucial step towards digital transformation is the firm conviction of some top executives and associates to transform everything into a digital format. One of these top executives also explained this further by bringing in the comparison of electricity. Just as electricity is the most crucial thing, and today we cannot think about surviving without it. Similarly, the digital network should also be considered to be equally important. The business executives should, therefore, also take more initiative in the overall digital transformation process.  

Moreover, it is also necessary for companies interested in starting small and not involving all the departments simultaneously. The cost of starting digital transformation should also be less, as that reduces the chances of error and complications.

The last and final thing is that the companies starting with the digitization process of their system should leave about 10 to 20% of their process before the actual realization. This is the most crucial part, which can be left up to humans based on cost-benefit analysis. 


The emerging technology trends can be leveraged by society to get benefits out of it. The technology development in the field of swarm learning is gaining traction in the fast-changing technology market of today. It is a beautiful blend of active learning and transfers learning at large. At Reliant Vision, people are working towards mixing thousands of models performing the individual tasks of document extraction with an absolute zero-touch process.