New Applications Ideas To Seek For During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic not only changed the day-to-day lives of people but also brought about significant changes in the way of doing business. The disruption in international supply chains has brought about unprecedented consumer behavior patterns resulting in companies looking for new avenues to run their businesses to stay afloat.

Technology in the form of applications or apps is coming to the rescue of businesses with customers’ dependency on apps having raised leaps and bounds. COVID-19 has resulted in people to live indoors or confined to their homes with several new apps making the lives of the people a bit easier to cope with.

Some of the popular apps making in-roads into the homes of people include-

Online education applications or apps-

The online education apps are fulfilling the demands of the students whose academics are disrupted due to the closure of educational institutions and postponement of their examinations. The online education apps are coming to the rescue of the students by ensuring that there is minimal loss of the valuable time of the students be it through conducting online classes through virtual classrooms or by helping them download their study curriculum.

The web application development companies are playing a crucial role in creating/developing new apps for e-resources, assessments, educational games and much more. These apps are helping students in continuing with their academic journey in these tough times of COVID in addition to shaping the future of the education sector.

Grocery delivery applications

Buying groceries by going to stores is not a feasible option in these times of COVID and as such, the popularity of grocery apps is gaining ground across homes. Reports suggest that Wal-Mart Grocery and Instacart daily downloads have exceeded 160% and 280% during this pandemic time. More and more people are ordering their groceries online through grocery apps even though there are not enough grocery apps to cater to customers surging demand. There is a need for enterprises to innovate new apps in this sector.

Healthcare Consultation Services

The healthcare sector is facing new challenges due to COVID-19 with patients needing regular checkups and health consultations waiting for their turn. Visiting hospitals is not recommended in these times of CORONA due to the chances of being infected.

So as an alternative, people are looking for remote healthcare solutions to protect themselves from the outbreak without letting it affect their health. Healthcare apps have managed to reach the people with about 70% increases in the weekly usage of these apps ever since the lockdown. Hence, there is more room for enterprises or entrepreneurs to launch healthcare mobile app solutions for helping patients/people to reach their healthcare experts  

Fitness and wellness application

 Even before the emergence of COVID-19, there has been an awareness of overall fitness and wellness in people. However, due to this pandemic the gyms and fitness centres have closed for an indefinite time resulting in a shift towards digital workout programs and fitness apps. People are maintaining their workout routine from home with social distancing thereby enhancing the usage of fitness apps.

For the healthcare and fitness industry, apps such as online workout apps, meditation guides, calorie counters to yoga apps have opened up new avenues for business growth. Many new fitness and wellness apps have already been launched in this sector with more to be launched in the coming days.

Pickup and delivery applications

 The COVID-19 has come up as a boon in disguise for pickup and delivery service enterprises. The delivery services have seen a major spike in the demand from people stuck to their homes due to lockdown. Companies in this sector are now dependent on third parties to help them in meeting the demands of their customers.

Delivery apps are helping both customers and enterprises acting as a medium. People are still keen to use the services of pickup and delivery firms through their apps and as such, these companies need to develop more medicine or food delivery apps to ensure a presence for their offline store. 

Steaming applications

People are now turning to online streaming for getting entertainment to spend extra time they have due to the closer of movie theaters and other entertainment places for an indefinite time. Amazon and Netflix, which are the major streaming apps, have had record viewership during these COVID times.

New streaming platforms such as HBO Max have also jumped into streaming apps. Even though there is cutthroat competition, in the field of streaming apps there is room for new entrants if they bring in something innovative in the field of streaming apps.

Finally, it can be concluded that even though COVID-19 has resulted in a big jolt to businesses but it has certainly brought in new app ideas as mentioned above by helping them in changing the course of doing business using mobile technology.

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