Thriving as a leader in the year 2023

Leaders should be able to motivate others to achieve something new and better. A good leader is someone who can do what they do to pursue innovation and does not do anything as an obligation. They measure success by looking at achievements and the learning of the team. In contrast, management is about delegating responsibilities and getting people to follow the rules to reduce risk and deliver predictable outcomes. A manager is responsible for completing four critical functions: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Leaders might at times challenge the status quo

Know about the leadership lessons that you learn from nature

The leadership lessons that you learn from nature are:

You must challenge yourself

In nature, change and adversity are the only two things that are constants. We all know that torrential rains are followed by droughts and floods are followed by famine. Some challenges are existing in nature. It is, therefore, important that human beings find out a way to cope with nature and survive here. Every day is a challenge. You have to face a challenge when you find food. There is also a challenge from predators and this is a matter of life and death. Leaders can learn from this. Leaders must understand that there will be certain circumstances when things might not move in the way, they want them to. So such things have to be handled most dynamically and fearlessly. It is during these circumstances that the leaders are required to step out of their comfort zone and act decisively so that they can resolve the issue. Challenges will always be there, but it is how you respond to the challenges will help you to decide the outcome. Mind-set is all that matters and if you have a negative mind-set, the results will also be negative. The approach is in a positive frame of mind, and you are sure to become tough and resilient. Challenges come to us too and it is these challenges that help us discover our true selves and what we are capable of. Leaders will be able to learn this from nature. 

You need to adapt and innovate

Business, like Nature, is unpredictable. There are bound to be some surprises that will always be waiting around the corner. Situations might be unpredictable because we will not be able to predict the future. We can only strive to do our best so that we can receive an outcome that we hope to achieve. Leaders will need to observe how beings in nature survive. They will be able to adapt to the changing situation and respond the way they are required to. Leaders should be able to look upon these cycles as opportunities rather than threats and also create paths that will help them to grow, the team and the organization.

Thriving as a leader in 2023

To thrive as a leader in 2023, you will have to follow the steps that have been mentioned below:

Make sure that you practice reflective as well as compassionate leadership

You must practice a more reflective leadership that is based on authenticity that helps in creating a much greater engagement. Leaders must also be able to practice high-quality reflection both during and also after action to create authenticity, become experts in how to communicate with inspiration, feeling and compassion and be vulnerable and should also be able to own their mistakes.

Cultivate a growth mind-set among the team members

 To prosper in the future, organisations must be able to adapt rapidly to the ever-changing environments in which they operate. To do this, the leaders need to be able to build an adaptive culture and learn to embrace their own as well as the failures of others as opportunities to make the organisation better and thereby be much more comfortable asking questions and remaining curious.


For leaders, there are several useful lessons to learn from Nature. If you have a keen mind and if you have the willingness to observe, learn & practice, it will help you as a leader to grow as a professional and benefit your team and your organization.