How to use AI in mobile app development ?

The well-designed algorithms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) help in making crucial decisions regarding real-time data. Unlike passive machines, AI has the capability of mechanical and predetermined responses. It is one of the biggest trends in the eLearning and mobile app development industry and this also adapts to various operational areas that include production, education, medicine, and economics.

Role of AI in Mobile App Development

AI plays a very important role in driving innovation and creativity. Artificial intelligence technology in mobile applications uses the ability of a machine to understand and respond to stimulation helps in providing the best user experience. The primary goal of using AI in mobile apps is to solve day-to-day problems that are faced by users and helps them to lead comfortable life. You will be able to collect essential data from mobile phones that include location, contacts, and daily actions using AI that will enhance user engagement and solve complex problems. The AI-enabled apps also collect and store data by analysing user behaviour and how users interact with the app. Artificial intelligence helps you to develop AI-powered mobile apps that transform and simplify human needs.

Using AI in the mobile app development

There are several ways of using AI in mobile app development and these include:

Chat Automation

The competition among mobile applications is a lot. As a result, a smooth user experience and excellent support are extremely important. Again getting one or more agents on call 24/7 can also be too expensive, especially when there are too many requests that need to be answered. It is here that the role of AI-based chatbots comes in. These intelligent tools can help the mobile application automate the process of responding to customer queries with the help of natural language processing. The system will also decipher the query, fetch the relevant information, and also communicate it to the user in the most contextual manner.

AI-based chatbots are one of the most common artificial intelligence uses. Primarily these chatbots can significantly reduce operational costs for businesses. Insider Intelligence estimates that the adoption of chatbots could save the healthcare, banking, and retail sectors as much as $11 billion annually by the year 2023. It is important that you do not overlook the time and money-saving use of that is surely going to improve your level of customer service and also boost loyalty.

Digital Assistance

By leveraging voice and speech recognition technology, virtual assistants will be able to identify the voice of the speaker and what is being said to carry out the needed commands. Therefore, the users can communicate with the app and they do not have to click around it. Virtual assistants offer great time-saving benefits to you. These also provide an advantage to the users who might wish to issue commands to your application while driving or performing another task that keeps their hands busy. Speech recognition is vital for those having disabilities. Therefore, if you want your application to cater to the needs of everyone. You will have to ensure that the virtual assistants are a part of it. Moreover, if you’re building a solution to improve internal processes like contact centre performance, AI can also provide digital assistance in this area. It can also deliver dynamic call scripts and adjust dialogue suggestions for your sales team in real time. Thus, AI helps the employees to adapt to every call and also cater to each customer optimally.


Security is one of the top things that are of primary importance to app users, especially those who use solutions like mobile banking or online shopping that process digital payments and work with sensitive information. So, it will also be an advantage if your app is more secure. AI also helps in this area.


Artificial Intelligence in mobile applications is a technological innovation that has emerged in the last few years. Existing mobile applications cannot integrate the trend towards Artificial Intelligence that is gaining so much popularity. The market for this type of programming is also booming. This is one of the primary reasons why top-notch mobile application development companies are upgrading their skill sets by developing applications and equipping them with Artificial Intelligence.