Time to Embrace DevOps for Digital Transformation

Organizations are now embracing DevOps to improve developer velocity and to enable their digital transformation. IT departments are into DevOps transformation to meet the evolving needs of their organizations as well as for their customers in a rapidly moving digital economy.

Some organizations are still stuck up with legacy applications and processes due to which they remain lucid and relevant while providing diminishing returns. For these enterprises, enterprise scale DevOps transformation may create challenges that hinder their ability in delivering anticipated value to their businesses.

A research study that combined findings from Developer Velocity Index or DVI with Sogeti practitioners responsible for over 250 DevOps implementations in organizations to identify six key areas of enterprise scale IT is facing significant challenges as part of Enterprise DevOps transformation that include product management, distributed remote working, governance, security, quality and compliance.

Across these six enterprise scale areas, top performers in the DevOps space are addressing the challenges by utilizing the following solutions and practices such as-

  • Building, running, and managing their applications on self-service cloud platforms to provide built-in security, compliance and quality for all their products
  • Enterprises are adopting a model where not only applications but also networks, computing infrastructure, security policy, build and release pipelines are written as code.
  • Moving to a de-centralized product focused delivery models from project-centric ones.
  • Teams are allowed to collaborate from anywhere by adopting cloud-based collaboration platforms, DevOps toolchains and distributed version control systems.
  • Teams are adopting InnerSource methodology and drawing on best practices from open-source projects.
  • Enterprises are developing the habit of doing the right things efficiently based on the principles-led models of governance.
  • Organizations are moving from an audit model to a continuous model when it comes to quality, security and compliance concerns.

This study report can be used as a blueprint by organizations to accelerate their DevOps transformation to reap the benefits that it will bring when implemented properly.

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