This is the vision of Angular in the future

As we are almost towards the end of the year 2022, it would be a good idea to give more insights into our long-term plan and also give you certain hints of what we might work on in the year 2023.

In the year 2022, the most important thing that was started was improving and simplifying the developer experience is a major theme with which Angular started to work on in the year, 2022. The same thing will continue even in 2023 and after that. The first step in launching in v14 with Standalone components in developer preview will be taken this year. This is the start of rethinking the developer journey and experience, with an emphasis on the initial learning journey.

The investment in partnerships will also be increased, to help evolve Angular along with the web ecosystem. Angular will be able to create a much faster and more accessible Web, including creating a new image component and investigating hydration improvements through the partnership with Project Aurora. They are also partnering with other Google 3P teams to create a much smoother developer journey across products.

Angular has a fantastic community of contributors who give inspiration and continues to impress everyone with their wonderful contributions. They are also thrilled that they can deliver typed forms in v14 to address the top-voted feature request. 

Angular will provide you with new experiences with Standalone Components

Standalone components are simplifying Angular in the most meaningful ways. The developers who are starting with the framework will also face fewer concepts on their critical learning path when trying to build their first app with Angular.

Other opportunities that will simplify Angular

Standalone components are not the only way that will help in simplifying the Angular developer experience. The framework of Angular can go long-term. There are some areas that we believe can have an incredibly positive impact on Angular developers everywhere. They will try to make Angular increasingly frictionless for developers across all skill levels.