Customer service transformation through Artificial Intelligence

The COVID-19 has changed the way enterprises are operating amidst lockdown forcing businesses to relook about their business models and strategies. Nevertheless, the challenge lies in ensuring superior customer experience in these times of distress.

The present customer service models are based on the talent of agents in resolving customer queries as these agents would interact with the customer, understand their problems and provide amicable solutions.

The CRM systems as used by agents are based on the case management features that allow them to create and classify the cases and then route them to the best possible team or individual who would be able to resolve them based on a combination of expertise and knowledge present in the system.

How Artificial Intelligence can maximize value when providing customer service models

Customers nowadays are expecting personalized experiences, faster resolution of their problems and the ability to get queries resolved 24×7. This is where artificial intelligence can play an integral part in reshaping consumer service models. With Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning the routine tasks performed by the agents can be offloaded in addition to providing customers with the required information quickly and helping them in raising a query when needed.

Artificial intelligence can also help in providing supervisors with real time service ticket intelligence to optimize the support operations. Lastly, support managers would be able to scale up their operations within a short time to support multiple products or service lines.

The other key advantages of AI-powered customer service include-

  • Strengthens customer relationship
  • Scales up support operations at the speed
  • Boosts implementation ROI
  • Improves business functions

Key areas where Artificial Intelligence can enhance customer interaction and improve agent productivity

Self service scenarios

Customer services becoming a key differentiator for businesses, enterprises are required to be available to the customer 24×7. It also meant providing customers through multiple sources such as providing generic information through multiple sources such as FAQs, guides and troubleshooting videos.

AI can take this to next level by humanizing the delivery of this information such as conversational bots using ML can handle transaction related accounts, make updates to personal information and in providing other services. The existence of virtual assistants such as Alexa, Google Home etc has taken the customer service model to new levels.

AI-powered customer communities

The AI-powered customer communities can understand the customer’s intention and as such can contextualize the customer’s search by cross referring it with customer’s transaction, behavior and location history and as such provide the most relevant answer.

Intelligent ticket routing and automated response

AI can automate the entire ticket processing of tagging incoming tickets from multiple channels and may summarize gauze intent and then understanding the urgency by effectively routing them to the right skilled specialist. A contextualized response is also generated to be sent to the customer instantly.

The power of cognitive search

The AI driven cognitive search has the capability and capacity to bring the relevant information that is stored across the CRM systems and other storage media to blend it in an easily consumable format. This will in turn allow the agent in finding the relevant information without shuffling through long search results.

The customer service arena can reap benefits from using AI technology by equipping CRM platforms with AI to provide personalized customer experiences thereby taking the business to new levels.

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