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Visitors & Vehicles entry passes system

  • Manual process of issuing visitor/vehicle passes can be eliminated
  • It takes approximately 1 minute to input a visitor’s details and issue the pass
  • Facility can be provided for a visitor to generate a pass online before visiting the place
  • Visitor passes can be categorized such as general visitor, supplier, contractor, workers etc. This would help security authorities to know the visit purpose of the pass-holder
  • Since visitor information is available on the system, in the event a visitor has to be re-issued pass again it would be easier
  • There is no chance for casual visitors as a visitor is aware that a photograph is captured
  • Spreading this information will bring awareness in visitors that their visit should be genuine
  • Enhanced security in the premises will make the premises more secure
  • Visitors’ information can be used for reference purposes in the event of an emergency
  • Visitor passes can be categorized and issued such as contractor, supplier, general visitor, workers
  • If the premise is large, as part of enhanced security, using bar code scanner pass holder details can be retrieved and displayed at any place within the place
  • Following daily reports can be generated

                                                                                Details of visitor passes issued

                                                                                Details of vehicle passes issued

                                                                                Category wise passes issued

                                                                                Statement of pass holder detail