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Signet – Service Branches Software Features

 Signet-SB is for verification of officers signatures on Demand Drafts and Pay Orders issued by banks. An officer’s Signature can be retrieved based on any of the following parameters

Signatory #  or Employee #  or Signatory name or Branch code

If you specify a branch code all authorized signatories of the branch are displayed. User can view one signature after the other.  

You can retrieve and display a signature and details based on employee number or signatory name.

Signet can work as an interface application with other applications in use at bank

Signet – Security Highlights

Only authorised users can access the application.

Signatures are stored and retrieved in a secured manner. User cannot cut, copy, paste or print the signature on display.

SIGNET’s signature retrieval is fast and efficient.

Internal audit would keep track the various activities done under Signet application.