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About the Client

The client is a US multi-business enterprise operating in varied industry verticals, such as fashion retail, hospitality, and restaurant. The client had an IT infrastructure consisting of more than 50 servers with a range of integrated systems: an ecommerce website, CRM, a data warehouse, and others.

Client Challenges/Pain Points

The number of the customers of the client was rapidly increasing together with their needs, so the client needed to frequently update their applications to keep their customers satisfied. To meet these and other business needs, they needed their IT infrastructure properly managed, regularly enhanced without critical operational errors and system failures, and continuously monitored to make sure their web services were highly available.

Our Solution

To solve the client’s infrastructure management tasks, Reliant Vision assigned a team of DevOps practitioners with the expertise in system administration and software development. By combining the development (Dev) and operations (Ops) specialists’ efforts, our experts aimed at significantly accelerating the delivery of new software features, fixes, and updates in alignment with the client’s business objectives.

The client’s IT infrastructure included three key elements integrated with each other: an ecommerce website, CRM, and data warehouse. To ensure the faultless performance of the integrated systems, Reliant Vision set up and managed the tools for load balancing, infrastructure monitoring and log management. To manage the client’s ecommerce website, Reliant Vision’s DevOps practitioners implemented the continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline.

Technologies Used

Source code repository: Stash.

Continuous deployment: Jenkins.

Configuration management: Ansible.

Containerization and container management: Docker, Distributed Cloud Operating System (DC/OS), Apache Mesos.

Load balancers and HTTP caches: Nginx, HAProxy, Traefik, Supervisor, Varnish.

Server monitoring: Zabbix, Prometheus, Blackbox Exporter, Container Advisor.

Log management: Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana (ELK).

Customer Benefits

With the DevOps practices that Reliant Vision introduced and applied, the client got proper management of their IT infrastructure and benefited from the high availability of the IT infrastructure. As a result of our DevOps engineers’ work, the client got the possibility to enhance the ecommerce solution frequently without disruptions to the business process.