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About the Client

Our client belongs to the education sector and provides online educational tools for students preparing for standardized tests, such as GRE, GMAT, etc. The company’s support staff comprises two teams of 50 agents: A community support team for handling account inquiries, and remote tutors to handle in-depth questions for specific tests. The client also used a platform to handle their customer support requests.

Client Challenges/Pain Points

The support staff found it difficult to search or discover the macros for offering timely customer help, which they believed to be negatively affecting their customer satisfaction scores on responses to questions about standardized tests. Part of this searchability problem was the enormous number of macros which took a lot of time to search through and manage.

Our Solution

The Reliant Vision AI Platform was integrated with the client’s Zendesk console. Reliant Vision trained a deep neural network to analyze incoming customer inquiries based on historical customer logs – learning how the client’s support staff replied to various incoming inquiries.

Reliant Vision then automatically suggested the most relevant macros for new customer inquiries so the support team member does not spend time searching for macros or manually composing new responses to common customer inquiries. Reliant Vision asserted that its AI Platform achieves this automatic macro suggestion by using deep learning models to extract the meaning and context of incoming inquiries and predicting the expected response. In addition, the platform has a historical response search feature, which the support staff can access.

The platform also predicted the relevant metadata about the case, such as tags, inquiry type, priority and other case details. With this information, it is able to analyze and route cases to the appropriate team. For example, if the incoming query is an account inquiry, the platform routes the request to the community support team, and for in-depth educational queries, it routes the requests to remote tutors – eliminating the need for a “human filter” to handle all tickets.

Technologies Used

Some of the AI technologies used in the process were Machine Learning and Deep Learning platforms and methodologies.

Customer Benefits

With the efforts put in by the Reliant Vision AI team, about 83% of all customer tickets are supported by our platform integrated with the client’s Zendesk. The company also claims a 92% accuracy in case tag predictions (tags are used within Zendesk for case categorization – for example, “refunds” might be a tag for that particular kind of customer issue). This improvement happened over an initial 6-month period with the client.