Why a Cloud Based HR System is a Must for Organizations?

From employee engagement, leadership success, and talent development to flexible performance management and labor law compliance, modern cloud-based HR solutions can help you manage your people, stay competitive, and fuel organizational growth.

Here are 5 key benefits you can expect from your modern cloud-based HR system:

1. Streamlining HR Processes

Today’s modern cloud-based HR systems automate processes with customizable workflows that can completely eliminate paper forms and manual processes from cluttered desks.

You can store and track employee information in one paperless system to make all of your processes faster and easier — When all of your important company data is stored in a secure cloud at your fingertips, you can avoid spending excess time hunting down paperwork and paying unnecessary non-compliance fines.

Technology and human resource experts agree that the trend is for companies to move to paperless solutions using modern HR solutions that eliminate the need for paper can save time and money and increase productivity. According to the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), “Productivity and efficiency are the No. 1 reasons for people to go to a paperless system.”

Additionally such systems significantly reduce the storage space needed. And they are designed to accommodate the vast and changing array of compliance issues that keep HR professionals awake at night; instead SHRM notes that systems can alert HR when an increase in an employee’s hours might have implications under the Affordable Care Act.

2. Hiring Best-Fit Talent

A modern HR solution should promote a positive and consistent applicant experience by making it easier for recruiters and hiring managers to source, track, and evaluate top candidates.

Managing talent acquisition in the cloud should include self-service capabilities for candidates to easily search jobs and apply online, while managers post job requisitions, screen and accept applications, and track applicants throughout the pre-hire process. And candidates that are hired engaged from the very start with configurable onboarding tools and social media integration.

4. Driving Employee Engagement

Today’s modern HR solutions are rich with talent management tools that help drive employee engagement You can easily your managers and supervisors on demand visibility into each employees’ goal status and performance throughout the year so they can offer ongoing feedback, nurture progress, manage specific outcomes, and recognize achievements.

5. Empowering Employees and Managers

Today’s human capital management solutions are intuitive and accessible on any device through the web or an HCM mobile app, allowing instant access to critical information like schedules, pay stubs, time cards, and time off requests, benefit plans, tax forms, and more.

Role based security makes it easy to administer access to managers giving them visibility into important employee information they need to get the job done.

6. Improve HR Decision Making

Today’s solutions take the guesswork out of people management once and for all. Information-rich dashboards, reports, and decision-support tools provide organization-wide visibility and insights. Coupled with intuitive navigation, your system should let you find critical information when you need it. And with instant access to timesheets, schedules, payroll, employee records, and more, you can take immediate action and drive productivity while impacting bottom line results.

So, with the right solution provider you can have it all — HR, payroll, talent, and timekeeping — in one system.