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The popularity of Big data has boosted the demand for business intelligence

There have been many instances where the Data has already demonstrated its value to businesses. BI helps in increasing productivity and also helps in making quick, informed decisions. If you use data analytics, organizations can make decisions up to five times more quickly. The enterprises will not be relevant to their customers if they don’t […]

The Significance of Data Analytics in Modern Banking

Across businesses, information has become an amazingly significant asset. This is particularly evident in the monetary administrations area, where large information has opened up new freedoms, conveying advantages to clients and representatives the same. Seeing how banking and enormous information work by and by requires experience with the advances used to gather, clean and dissect […]

The Influence of Big Data in Retail Sector and Its importance

The Retail Sector faces the fiercest of competition when compared with other sectors. To stay ahead companies in the retail segment strive to differentiate themselves by providing different products and services to attract as many customers or consumers as possible. Usually, retailers are customer-focused which is evident in the commitment and enthusiasm that employees working […]

How Big Data is revolutionizing the Manufacturing Sector

How Big Data is revolutionizing the Manufacturing Sector The need for supplying the products to the growing population and depleting resources is forcing the manufacturing sector to become more competent and sustainable. Customers are becoming more and more informed about the product they consume, and therefore, manufacturers need to be flexible and open to new […]

The Challenges of Big Data in the Banking Industry

The Banking and Financial Services industry generates a huge volume of data summing up to over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. Each activity of this industry generates a digital footprint backed by data that opens endless opportunities for the banking industry to capitalize on that data. Technology has made the banks towards harnessing the data […]

Impact of Big Data on Automotive Industry

The concept of the Internet of Things or IoT during its formative years was just limited to biometric wearables, home appliances and audio-visual equipment. Nevertheless, the rapid advancements in big data services and solutions have made a significant impact on various sectors of business such as banking, e-commerce, crisis management and automobile. The automobile sector is […]